Sunday, June 5, 2011

Two Songs Sung During WWII by U.S. Army Nurses

ANC (Army Nurse Corps) Song

Once there was a young girl who joined the ANC
Soldiers were as nice to her, as nice as they could be.
First she met a shavetail fresh from OCT,
He wooed her and pursued her but too naive was he.

Singing khaki and olive drab, brass and eagles too,
Soldiers wil be soldiers, there's nothing they won't do.

Then she met a captain with fire in his eye.
He took her to his barracks and filled her full of rye.
He wanted to show her his etchings, but she was far too wise,
For she had seen the etchings of all the other guys.

Then she met a major who promised to be true,
But he had made the promise to wife and kiddies too.

Then she met a colonel who promised to raise her rank,
But when she didn't come across she found the rank was blank.

And then she went overseas for glory and for fame,
But to her disappointment she found all men the same.
Now the moral of the story is plain as you can see,
Treat all men like children, but treat them tenderly.


They say that in camp you will have a good time,
We've heard that all before.
You drink Coca-Colas and play the Victrolas,
But oh how we'd like to do more!

Bless us all, bless us all,
The long and the short and the tall.
Now bless all the nurses for they rub your backs,
That's a lot more than you'll get from the WAC's.

So we're saying good-bye to you all,
As gaily we answer the call.
No silk hose or girdles as we take the hurdles,
So cheer up my lads, love us all!

Found on page 55 and 56 of the memoir of Muriel P. Engelman, WWII Army Nurse, "Mission Accomplished: Stop the Clock." Muriel says that these songs "made long boring trips by truck or train go a little faster and raised our spirits too. Singing does that."


  1. My grandma was part of the ANC she sang these songs all the time. Thank you for posting.